The company was founded in 1997 by 3 partners with decades of experience in the dairy/cheese sector.

Thanks to the capabilities and to the high quality in the engineering, the company grew rapidly. Already in 2000 the first portion of the building was purchased, where actuallythe head quarter is located. Then it expanded reaching a total space of 4,600 square mt.

In the 2000, from a call of a brewer, a new idea comes up : taking the technologies and quality of the food sector to the world of craft beer, which was just getting off the ground in Italy.

Since then, with our systems we help brewers to make their beers, climate-related and natural flavors of each territory. Simply we assist them to achieve their dreams with the most advanced technology, reliable and easy to use. In 2007 we created the Easybräu ® brand, a trademark highlighting our close collaboration with customers; solving skills, anticipate and minimize problems; technological expertise and process that allows us to produce systems for microbreweries and brewpubs advanced and efficient. 

In 2018 the brand is still growing thanks to the acquisition of Impiantinox by the TMCI Padovan group, which entails the birth of a new brand: Easybräu-Velo with the aim of achieving leadership in the international market for beer production plants crafts.

Simply, with Easybräu-Velo the brewer can focus on his work, knowing that his plant do not get old, it is flexible, customizable and it is growing together with him and with the market. He can then focus on its unique mission: make beer.

We work alongside our customers to provide optimal solutions for pasteurization, washing, cooling of all liquid foodstuffs. To pass the test of the time we rely on a simple but fundamental concept: QUALITY.