Our customer's words

» Rebel's - ITALY

The professionalism and reliability of Impiantinox staff convinced us to choose their company. Efficiency, availability and experience are their key to success. The plants produced from them never disappoint expectations and they always surprise at every usage, under the point of view of productivity.
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» Aren Durgarian - Dargett beer - ARMENIA

I knew from the beginning that we’re making the right choice to work with Impiantinox for ordering a turnkey solution for our new brewery/brewpub.
We’ve seen quite many manufacturers of brewing equipment form the countries that have long dominated the market, like Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, before we could finalize our choice for Impiantinox.
The brewing equipment is reliable, compact, and it’s very good looking, which for any brewpub are very important factors.
They are providing a personalized and dedicated after sale service and for us it’s quite easy to be in contact with Impiantinox team even when we’re not in Italy and the communication language is English. If I could put my impressions simply, it’d be: great products made by great people!
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» Boris Pougnet - Brasserie Cordoeil - FRANCE

After visiting and negotiating with plenty of producers in Germany, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Italy, we have selected Impiantinox as supplier of our new plant for craft beer production.
Impiantinox is able to offer a turn key supply : tanks, piping, electric connections, electronic, pneumatic and software.
Impiantinox  pays attention and collaborates with the master brewer, its flexibility perfectly fits our way to make beer.
The quality of materials and of the plant installed is exceptional.
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» Ago - Master brewer Nuovo Birrificio Italiano - ITALY

The collaboration with Impiantinox, that started in 2005, has always been satisfactory.
High technical knowledge of the material and components are the main aspects that attracted me from the very beginning. What is more, quick reply in after-sales service, constant research and evolution of quality together with flexibility as well as cordiality, precision and honesty of the owners and the whole staff are their characteristics. Thanks!
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» Filippo - Statale Nove - ITALY

I decided to trust Impiantinox after visiting the factory and having known its staff, managers and technical department. Concreteness and rationality are two words that come to my mind immediately in relation to the type of manufacturing and the personal relationships: now it’s not just a question of customer/supplier relationship but I feel as if I were part of the staff.
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» Héctor - Balate - SPAIN

Impiantinox helped us from the very beginning. They understood quickly what we wanted and they worked according to our needs. The treatment was always transparent and we never had problems to visit any of their installations before taking the decision. What we value the most is that they have always answered any doubts we have had. From Italy they made us feel as if they were near Home.
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» Göran - Coppersmith - SWEDEN

We are very satisfied with the overall quality, including material, welding joints, final finish, software and overall production reliability.
Impiantinox offers great value for the investment made and a complete solution for our brewing process. External equipment are from well-known European manufacturers and of high quality.
Impiantinox own sta from Italy made the installation which assured everything was made correctly and on time. Impiantinox was always available for us whenever we had questions and special requests before, during and after the installation.

» Dott. Vecchiato - Birrificio Antoniano - ITALY

We chose this company, firstly, because it is Italian and, more specifically, from Veneto region. The availability and competence of the managers of the company and, of course, the quality of the plants proposed attracted me.
After the purchase, the collaboration has continued in the course of time, with interchange of technical experience that improve our beer. Impiantinox is a company that I would recommend anyone that wants to start the art of craft beer production in an Easy way.
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» Francesco Mancini - Birraio Birrificio del Forte - ITALY

We visited a lot of Exhibitions and microbreweries before choosing Impiantinox and, even now, we are happy with the decision taken. The plant is really reliable and the willingness of the managers and the technicians, evident from the very starting offer phase, has been confirmed even during after-sales assistance: an excellent collaboration between producer and user has been created, which is a crucial aspect to develop new ideas and to improve other aspects.

» Stefano Barone - The Wall Italian Craft Beer - ITALIA

I'm new in this sector and, at the beginning, I was confused because of all the proposals I received. From the very first time, Impiantinox proved itself to be precise and professional when proposing its products; even less experts than me realize about the quality and competence of the staff. Besides, it is a lean and linear company that can sort out quickly the smallest problems that can arise. For sure, I will choose it again.