Making beer: a job, an art, a passion


Impiantinox has followed the development of breweries and microbreweries in Italy and abroad since the year 2000. In 2007 it introduced the Easybräu brandwhich in 2018, following the acquisition of the TMCI Padovan group becomes Easybräu-Velo, a brand synonymous with strict standards, innovative systems and top technology, reliability and user friendliness. The brand offers brewers the chance to fully concentrate on their jobs and the passion they pour into their work, and to brew a proudly personal and unique beer tied to the natural characteristics peculiar to the region where it is made.

We design and build our systems with the very best materials and using certified production processes controlled in every phase. We fit them with the most sophisticated electronic devices and we make evolve hand-in-hand with the business of our customers. They are systems that do not grow old. They are flexible and can be customised to the prod uction needs of all sizes of breweries. Systems with long useful lives that are easy to update and implement according to the new requirements that arise, at low and reasonable costs. That’s because we are partners, not suppliers.

Our range is wide and we offer solutions starting from pilot plants, 1 hl/2.5 hl capacity, up to 60 hl. With 2/3/4/5 tuns, semi-automatic or totally automatized.


We can offer a complete package, together with ancillary services, to make a good beer easily.